Pennsylvania German Powwow

Faith healing and folk magic of the Pennsylvania Germans


A hex doctor in modern times

Posted by Rob Phoenix on October 28, 2018 at 8:50 PM

It's odd to think of a local folk magician during these times of scientific progress and advances in medical technology, but folk magic will always be a part of our collective "folk mind". The "folk mind", as I personally define it, is the collective beliefs and mentality of a specific cultural people. In my case, it is the Pennsylvania Germans. We beleive strongly in the power of powwow and, to be honest, it is in no real danger of fading into obscurity. 

Our world is a mess right now, there's no denying it. Our country even more so. With daily attacks on the press and mass shootings and right wing terrorism, it's really hard to think of anything except updating the continuous news cycle on our phones to see what else we should be anxious about.  But the role of the folk magician remains the same.

We still, at our core, are human beings with questions and issues that can't be answered on twitter or facebook. Our lives can't be summed up by our experiences at trumps latest rally or the replies we get to our dinner post on social media. We need something more, something that speaks to our culture, our religious beliefs, our ancestry, our unconscious mind. We need something that helps us on a spiritual level, a MYSTICAL level, and THAT is the role of the Powwow.

When you come to me, it is with the understanding that I will do what I know how to do in order to help you. It will be free of bias and preconceptions. I will ASSUME you are telling the truth and work from that assumption. Whatever you tell me will be in confidence and I will do what I can to relieve the situation.

A hex doctor, like myself, is here to combat illness, combat witchery, combat the supernatural, and give you peace of mind. We are here to bring the healing power of Christ into your life and banish the demons that haunt you.

In our modern world of over-exposure to negative stimuli 24/7, it is a blessing to have the gift of powwow and to bring it into the world. There are still many of us who believe in the "old ways" of our cultural ancestors, and that is my job to help keep that alive.

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