Protection from witchcraft

Posted by Rob Phoenix on September 28, 2018 at 6:25 PM

A large part of a powwow's work is combating harmful magic, also known as witchcraft. This type of magic is designed to disrupt, harm, or otherwise cause chaos in the victim's life. It seems an odd thing to talk about witchcraft in the year 2018, yet it is a very real thing. For the most part, modern practitioners of Witchcraft (often in the form of Wicca, but just as often not) are harmless and believe in balance and the inherent power of nature and other such things. Their work is vary much like a powwow's; to bring healing and protection to those in need. 

However, there will always be people in this world that like to use their knowledge for darker purposes, even within the powwow tradition.

People who come to me believing they are the victims of negative magic often do not know who has targeted them, or even why, but they still feel they've been "cursed" in some way. I believe this is largely a psychological condition, but no less real to the person experiencing it. However, I also know that there are literally countless individuals who self=identify as witches and are perfectly capable of sending forth a hex when they wish to do so. In these instances, I still do the work that is needed. It's important to believe the person who feels slighted because to them it is very real, and it may very well be real, and we must seek to help whenever and however we can.

There are always factors to consider in these instances. For example, maybe the person who came to you has truly been verhexed by someone, but they deserved it. That sounds harsh, but bear with me a bit. Supposing your victim went looking for trouble. Maybe they had a falling out with a practitoner of magic. Maybe they wronged that individual in some way. Now they are suffering for it. 

Or another scenario is that they are not verhexed at all, but believe they are because they can't imagine that they themselves might be the cause of their own misfortunes (it happens more than you think).

Or, of course, a person may truly be an innocent victim of a magical person who wishes them harm. It really does happen.

No matter what you may believe, it is better to do the work required to help them with the disclaimer that it is ultimately up to God to effect the changes. Set your personal beliefs aside, assume the person is telling the truth, and go forward from there. 

Recently I've been trying to educate myself on the hoodoo tradition to see how it differs from powwow, especially when it comes to hex removal. The differences are way too numerous to list, but the general idea behind it is pretty much the same; meaning both traditions understand malevolent witchery and both are committed to removing it. The one main difference I see between hoodoo and powwow (and I admit that I may be very wrong here) seems to be the hoodoo pracitioner puts faith in things such as herbs and other such items, whereas the powwow puts the faith in God.

Protecting from witchery is important for a sound mind and healthy life. It does us no good to go through our day fearful of magical attack by witches. That's ridiculous. However, because the threat of hexerei really does exist, there are a few things you can do to add an element of protection without weighing yourself down with pouches and herbs and crystals and whatever else.

1. Prayer. Seems simple enough, yet not enough people truly understand the power of it. Keeping an open line of communication between you and God is essential to protecting yourself from negative magic. 

2. Red string. Red is the color of sanctuary. It is the representation of the blood of Christ. A red string around the wrist protects your place in the family (remember Genesis 38?), a red cord strung in the window will keep away evil while welcoming beneficial spirits (Joshua), and a red cord burned with cedar and hyssop will cleanse the home of negativity (Leviticus, believe it or not).

3. A circle of protection. "Adonai, Elohim, the Lord my God" repeated 77 times over a container of water, then the water is poured on the ground around your home.

4. Salt. Salt is a preservative. It will preserve the positive and block the rot of negativity and hexerei. A circle of salt around your home will protect from both witchery and witches.

This is enough to get you started. As a powwow you will uncover more ideas and protective charms. The ultimate goal is to not allow the negative to effect you while building up your connection with God. Should you find yourself truly in need of curse removal, contact me and we can work through it.

May God bless you in all that you do.

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