The unseen battles of a hex doctor

Posted by Rob Phoenix on September 21, 2018 at 9:30 PM

Being a hex doctor, a powwow, means you take on the awesome responsibility of healing in the name of Christ. It also means you make yourself a beacon for all things supernatural; both good and bad. 

Years ago, my grandmother said to me "Weird things happen to weird people". I know now that this was just a snarky way of saying "like attracts like".

When I first began practice as a powwow, I was woefully inexperienced and limited to the few charms taught to me by my first teacher, which were primarily healing charms for headaches, warts, and nervous conditions. I had mixed succes with those. But it was during those first years that I started experiencing feelings and energies from a "darker" aspect to the universe. I had made a few "non-friends" (cough cough enemies) during those years, and more than a few of them were happy to verhex me. Being the nice innocent guy I was at the time, the way I experienced those verhexings was completely foreign to me.... visions of dark figures, the sense of a presence of "evil", to put it mildly... crows filling my yard (which was bizarre and creepy) and illness and fevers like I never experienced before in my life. When I presented these things to those more experienced than me, they decided to give me instruction on how to understand such things and, most importantly, combat them.

A Hex Doctor doesn't just cure your warts or remove crib sickness. A Hex Doctor fights those unseen battles that take place on the periferee of our vision; those devils and ghosts and wights that we only sort of believe in but never really give thought to. A Hex Doc is trained to see the signs of devilry and witchcraft and combat those when necessary. I wasn't as well trained in the beginning. But I am now.

I have spoken to practitoners from many traditions who have relayed similar experiences to me. It seems that once you open yourself up to the Light, the Dark works extra hard to get your attention and/or harm you. It's a battle that is not visible when you meet us, but we fight it nonetheless, unseen from regular folks.

There are stories, rare but still existing, of powwows of old battling the devil. There are stories of witches and ghosts and demons and all sorts of supernatural characters attempting to cause havok in the world, with the powwow as the last line of defense. I can't say for sure if we are always victorious, but we always try.

If you'd like to learn more, you can browse the site for more information or contact me, if you'd like. 

May God bless you in all that you do!

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