The Sanctum Sanctorum - your place of power

Posted by Rob Phoenix on February 3, 2019 at 4:35 PM

I am fortunate enough to have a library in my home. It's not a large room, maybe 13 x 15 feet, but it houses almost 3000 books on shelves, an old physician's desk where I sit and do most of my writing, and all of my personal magical and powwow bits and baubles. When I'm working on this website, I'm in this library. When I'm powwowing for clients, I'm in this library. I've cast ceremonial circles in here. I've worked with archangels. I've summoned and conjured things in the room that I would not feel safe doing so anywhere else. I've created talismans, herbal concoctions, and himmelsbriefs in this room. I've done powerful anti-hex work in this room. I've pushed my personal magical skills far beyond my powwowing techniques in this room. 

Having a sacred place, a room sanctified for your sacred work, a sanctum sanctorum, is amazing. It is my retreat when I need to focus on something important and don't want to be disturbed. I have the room heavily warded in magical seals, which are far beyond the scope of my powwowing practice. This room is "by invitation only" and even my husband and son respect this. 

Visitors to our home who happen to wander in here always comment on how "cool" my library is. There are astrological charts, palmistry charts, angel statues, candles, books on magic, even a solomonic circle carpet on the floor. It is an amazing room filled with magic and mystery and I have had my most profound spiritual and magical moments in this room.

Should you be fortunate enough to have a spare room, I cannot recommend enough how thrilling it is to have your own sanctum sanctorum. Certainly, for the practice of powwow, it is NOT NEEDED. However, I have pushed myself beyond powwowing and the sanctity of a private chamber is practically a necessity.

Remember to add as many protective wards to your chamber as you can. Keep it safe, keep it sacred, do not profane it in any way as it can serve as your home temple, your room where you work with God and other spiritual beings. Keep your secrets and your power safe.

May God bless you always.

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